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Mohammad Rabiul Islam, has completed his (Ph.D.) in soft-computing from KICT, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). At present, he is an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science in American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB).  He is specialized in Soft-Computing. 

About me : 

This is Mohammad Rabiul Islam. Ph.D. in soft computing from KICT, International Islamic University Malaysia. Citizen of Bangladesh. His current affiliation running in AIUB as an assistant professor at the department of computer science. Also earned BSc and MSc from LUCT and UTHM respectively. Currently his research rolling on AI based application, having with the numbers of conference and journal papers. Specialized in the fields, based on e-commerce, digital economy, marketing, augmented reality, data analysis for weather forecasting and stock market prediction with the soft-computing techniques.


This portfolio introduce about my research, publications and academic activities based on emerging field of data analysis. From the financial and global economical perspective my research mostly lays on data science. Contemporary, emerging world economy deeply analysis in SC field and published in blind peer-reviewed journals. Since, financial data typically relevant & suitable to analysis in soft computing field. So, ML/DL commonly used as developing tools in major research.  Passionate of research philosophy as define both in my research profiles. Research interest laying on Soft-computing, Data Science, A.I & Digital Economy. Additionally, active in technical review committees with the international reviewer of Journals / Conferences. To visit all of research activities by clicking connected through these links.  Web of Science \ Scopus \ LiveDNA \ Research Gate \ Academia \ Google Scholar \ Semantic Scholar  (AI) \ OrciD \ Linkedin.


Time changed immensely fast as the information is revealed worldwide. In computer science with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence in where coding has just become a very brain-dead skill. No need to write algorithms or data structure anymore or reverse linked lists. Now Machine learning algorithm is ready to receive user input which is going to reverse that link list for you and output generate 98% probability where data become code obsoleting. There is no equation due to individual mind exist as netizen. In the world of math kind of breaks down and it’s become so dumbed in front of machine learning. Obviously, passion of coding skill may actually for passion success, but the entire vision carries out complete path of success. Each platform with machine learning going to be supremacy and we all are rolling on this path just for each other. My research going to introduce how ML resolved prominent features in financial market.


A blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. This technology is an advanced database mechanism which allows transparent information sharing within business network that stored data in blocks which linked together in a chain. Using blockchain technology help to create immutable ledger for tracking orders, payments or any other transactions. Traditional financial system like banks and stock exchanges use blockchain services that manage online payments, accounts and market trading. Typical system always enquired to upgrade throughout research work like various cryptocurrency and its transaction performance record. Few research articles as published from my lab activities in last few years. However, continuity still as active in current research phase-1.